World Leader in Professional Hair Removal Systems.

Depilève is the world's leading brand in

Professional hair removal systems,

distributed in 91 countries and present in more than 120 countries.

Depilève is convinced that a complete professional hair removal system must provide a wide range of pre- and post-depilatory cosmetics that condition and treat the skin to reveal its full beauty after waxing. That is why we offer a wide variety of waxes and treatments to suit all hair types, skin conditions and areas. Our hair removal services combine the best cosmetic treatments with the latest technology and the most precise methodology.

Depilève uses only the best ingredients in the production of its waxes, paraffins, creams and treatments. One of the distinguishing features of our waxes is the rigorous selection of resins, chosen for their excellent adhesion, colour and durability. Our precise quality control guarantees the formulation of our products so that the excellent results are repeated with each depilatory experience.

With Depilève, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working with the world’s number one brand in hair removal, maximising the comfort and effectiveness of each treatment thanks to specific products for home use that enhance the results of each professional hair removal session.

Working with Depilève is synonymous with prestige, success and quality. A symbol of distinction known and demanded by more and more clients. They know that, thanks to Depilève’s waxes, cosmetics and exclusive working system, they will enjoy treatments adapted to their skin and hair type. An irreplaceable beauty protocol that anticipates clients’ demands and guarantees their loyalty.